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  Seasonal Specials

Little Piece of Time
This is Jim’s most recent recording, his ninth release, from 2004. 
He thinks it's his best yet and recommends it above all the others!
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Something New --- Walkin' Jim Download Cards
      Each of these cards, the size of a credit card, has a unique code that allows the holder to download their choice of any of these Cd's: Little Piece of Time, The Long Trails, The Vision, The Web of Life, or A Kid for the Wild. After downloading the entire cd of music onto your computer you can plant and water the card to grow some flowers!  At $10/card these make a lovely addition to any Greeting Card.
Little Piece of Time A Kid For the Wild  (Kids)     
The Long Trails  The Web of Life   (For Kids)
Oh, What A Life  Temporarily OUT OF STOCK!  Come Walk With Me (DVD)
The Vision

 Listen To The Earth

Spirit Is Still On the Run /   Forever Wild              


Click on the titles in the index above for more about each recording. You may access the order form from the description pages, or choose the Secure Online Order page. If you prefer to order by ground mail, there is an option to print out your order from that order page. 
 Free MP3's of Some of Jim's Songs
Several of Jim's recordings are available at iTunes by the entire CD or to purchase individual songs.


  Mission Statement for Wild Wind Records:   

Our mission is to share the beauty, the unique character, the mood, and the value of wilderness through our music, writings, art, and activism. We hope to help instill a respect and love for the Earth and thereby motivate all who come in contact with our products to care about the environment and the planet’s last wild places.

Each year Wild Wind donates between 5% and 10% of our profits to non-profit organizations working to protect wilderness, endangered species, and our environment.


 Wild Earth Music

Please visit Wild Earth Music for wilderness-oriented music and books from musicians, Craig Wagner, Susan Grace, Magpie, and Musicians United to Sustain the Environment, and author, Wayland Drew.


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